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Revision Materials for Modern World History

Use the linked documents in the body of this page to revise offline
Use the best of the web revision links in the button bar for online revision

These fantastic resources come courtesy of Redruth School in Cornwall

Germany 1919-45

Consolidation of Nazi power 1933-1934 (35k)
Course layout (24k)
Democracy and the Weimar Republic (23k)
Depression (20k)
Extracts from the Nazi Party Programme 1920 (21k)
Features of Nazi dictatorship (27k)
German problems 1919-1923 map (959k)
Growth of Nazi party (20k)
Gustav Stresemann (90k)
Hitler plots his way into power 1932 (214k)
Hitler Youth Homework (32k)
Hitler's foreign policy - simplified (21k)
Hitler's foreign policy 1933-38 (29k)
Hitler's foreign policy in maps 1933-1939 (2008k)
How to tell a Jew - Nazi youth propaganda (26k)
Munich Putsch 1923 (78k)
Nazi Economic Policy 1933 (36k)
Nazi Education (77k)
Nazi election results 1924-1933 (31k)
Night of the Long Knives (425k)
Problems for Weimar Germany - summary (28k)
Reactions to Versailles - cartoon (56k)
Reichstag Fire 1933 (27k)
Stab in back and the November Criminals (k22)
The effects of hyperinflation 1923 (20k)
The political spectrum (21k)
The Treaty of Versailles 1919 (23k)
The Weimar Republic 1919-1933 Notes (32k)
Weimar Constitution (22k)

Britain and the Second World War

Battle of Britain (89k)
Battle of the Atlantic (113k)
Blitz 2 (213k)
Blitz (1000k)
Censorship and Propaganda (93k)
Coventry report (28k)
D-Day factfile (21k)
Evacuation (758k)
Internment (192k)
Phoney War and Sitzkrieg 1939 worksheet (37k)
Women in the War (92k)

International Relations

Anschluss 1938
Anschluss sources (55k)
Berlin Blockade 1948-1949 (515k)
Cold War revision notes - diagram (35k)
Germany 1945-49 (58k)
Guernica (127k)
Hitler's foreign policy - notes (32k)
Hitler's foreign policy in maps (2013k)
Hitler's Plans (25k)
How did the League of Nations work for a better world (21k)
Hungary 1956 (189k)
Iron Curtain (124k)
Khruschchev's destalinisation speech (44k)
Khrushchev and Co-existence (381k)
Man will see the truth (28k)
Manchurian Crisis 1931 (386k)
Mein Kampf Plans (29k)
Mussolini and Abyssinia (332k)
NATO and the Warsaw Pact (209k)
Nazi-Soviet Pact (216k)
Polish Question 1939 (24k)
Problems of the Big Three (231k)
Rearmament (39k)
Revision notes 1919-1945 (850k)
Revision notes Cold War 1945-1963 (1226k)
Russian pacts up to 1955 (24k)
Salami Tactics - Soviet takeover of Eastern Europe (64k)
Self-determination (27k)
Six steps to war (41k)
The Arms and Space Race (83k)
The Cuban Missiles Crisis 1962 (72k)
The Manchurian Crisis 1931 (24k)
The other peace treaties 1919 (26k)
Truman Doctrine (926k)
Wartime distrust between USA, USSR and Britain (105k)
Yalta and Potsdam (111k)


Big brother and Uncle Joe (221k)
Big Brother is watching you (182k)
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