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In association with Spartacus Educational the Education Forum is now offering a new service to our visitors. In future people will be able to ask a panel of experts questions about history. Sociology will follow soon.

 The panel will include teachers, historians, authors and researchers with expert knowledge of the period. Where possible, people with actual experience of these events, will also join the panel. The following sections are currently available:


Life and Death of John F. Kennedy

The Cold War

The Vietnam War

Nazi Germany

Second World War

First World War

Women's History

Black History

Spanish Civil War

History of Russia

My Political Ideology


Before asking questions visitors need to join the International Education Forum. This forum has been established for people interested in education aged over 16. If you are younger than this, please persuade one of your parents or teachers to register and ask your question for you.

To register please go to:

Please register in your real name. Once you have registered, click on the hyperlink attached to the "welcome" email sent to verify the email address. You can now post your questions or other messages.

To start a new subject go to the appropriate section and click "NEW TOPIC". Then post your message in the box provided.

Please post your biography at:

To do this click "ADD REPLY" (bottom of the page). A box will come up where you can post your message. When you have done that scroll down and click "Add Reply".

It should then appear on the Forum.

If you want to add your photograph to your postings:

Select My Controls (top, right of the screen).

On the left-hand side click 'Edit Avatar Settings' (under Personal Profile).

Go to the bottom of the page where it says 'Upload a new image from your computer'. Click 'Browse'.

A box will appear at the top that will show what is on your computer. You now have to find your photograph (best to leave it on your Desktop - if not, find the folder where you have stored it).

Click the image and then click 'Open'.

Now click 'Update Avatar'. You picture should now appear on the screen. It will now appear every time you make a posting.

If you have a website I would recommend you add the URL to your signature (see My Controls). This will then appear every time you post and will help publicize your website. Please add your name to your signature as well.

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