WALT: How important were Pasteur and Koch in the history of medicine?
WILFs: Can describe and explain their contributions to the history of medicine (C)..... Can explain how FACTORS combined to help Louis pasteur and Robert Koch (B)........ Can evaluate the significance of Louis Pasteur's and Robert Koch's contribution (A)

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Step 1 PowerPoint
Step 2: Cloze Exercise
Step 3: Interactive Diagram
Extension Reading
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Lesson Development

1. Connect the learning with this Starter
Roaming review or Round table:a) How did Jenner contribute to the history of medicine

b) How did Pasteur contribute to the history of medicine?
c) How did Koch contribute to the history of medicine?
d) Whose was the greatest contribution?
e) Which FACTORS were important in the discoveries of Pasteur and Koch?
2. Watch the review video clip on Pasteur and Koch and take additional notes
3. Stand and Share your lists
4. Stand up hand up and pair up... Take your partner to a computer and investigate the PPT and develop your lists
5. Stand up hand up and pair up and promenade your partner discussing the significance of Robert Koch
6. Take your original partner back to a computer.... Rally Coach the interactive diagram and print
7. Plenary ... Form two circles and Paraphrase Passport today's WALT question.
Robert Koch in his Lab

(Above) Robert Koch in his lab

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