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Medicine Question 1 2009 Revision

The Development of the Germ Theory
and its impact on the treatment of diseases in the nineteenth

Revise Jenner in Depth
Pasteur 1
Pasteur 2
Revise Koch in Depth
Penicillin Revision
Revision Notes
Treatment of Disease
Germ Theory and Vaccination
BBC Bitesize
Pasteur Diagram
Germ theory Factors Diagram
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Use the presentation for advice guidance and exam practice. Complete the linked activities to revise germ theory

Essential Content
1.Detailed knowledge of Pasteur and Koch's contributions to the development of the germ theory - details, discoveries, dates!
2. A thorough undertanding of the FACTORS which combined to make germ theory happen
3. A knowledge of what came before in the field e.g. Edward Jenner
4. A knowledge of what came after - Ehrlich, Domagk, Fleming
5. A clear understanding of the significance of germ theory for the treatment of disease in terms of drugs, prevention and vaccination

Use the left links to help you revise in conjunction with your revision guides

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