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How was the problem of infection overcome?
Antiseptic Cloze
Aseptic Cloze
Plenary: Find Someone Who
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WALT: How was the problem of infection overcome in the history of surgery?
WILFs: Can describe the contributions of Lister, Semmelweis, Pasteur and Koch (C)
.. can evaluate who made the most significant contribution(A)

Lesson Development

  1. Stand up hand up pair up ....what was surgery like before anaesthesia
  2. With your new partner Promenade and discuss everything you have learnt about anaesthetics
  3. Stand and share using the random name generator
  4. Watch the you tube clip and take brief notes on today's WALT 
  5. Share your notes on your table ... Use your textbooks to develop them
  6. Mix pair share a) What did lister, Semmelweis and Koch contribute to the fight against infection .... b) whose contribution was most important?
  7. Take your study buddy to a computer... Read the PPT then complete the 2 exercises then print
  8. Plenary: find someone who

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