Who was the most significant woman?

WALT: Who was the most SIGNIFICANT woman in the history of medicine?
WILFs: Can identify and describe key women in the history of medicine and describe their contributions (C)..... Can compare and contrast women in the history of medicine from different times and different themes explaining how important they were (B)... Can assess the SIGNIFICANCE of famous women using the 4Rs (A*)

Lesson 1 Development
1. Starter: Promenade the person sitting diagonally from you - how many famous women from the history of medicine can you remember and what are they famous for?
2. Stand and Share
3. Watch the clip on Garret Anderson - what is her story and how important was she in the history of medicine?
4. Compare notes on your table - how significant was she then Stand and Share
5. Find Someone Who
6. Plenary - Round Table today's WALT - try to use the 4R's
7. Table Stand and Share

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