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WALT:Why were there left wing and right wing rebellions during the Weimar Government?
WILFs: Can identify left wing and right wing ideas (C).... Can describe and explain the causes and consequences of the Spartacist revolt and the Kapp Putsch (C) Can evaluate the significance of rebellions in the Weimar period (A)
Between 1919-1923 Weimar experienced a number of left wing and right wing rebellions. Left wing and right wing are terms used to describe types of political ideas. They were first used in France during the French Revolution during which members of parliament who wanted major change in society sat together in the left hand side of the parliament and those who stood for tradition and continuity sat together on the right hand side.
To get a sense of the difference between left and right wing ideas play the dustbin game below as your lesson starter.

Click here for full screen version

Student Instructions
You task today is to investigate the main left wing and right wing rebellions the Weimar Republic faced. First study the linked PPT then;

  1. Complete the Spartacists Excercise  (left wing rebellion)
  2. Complete the Kapp Putsch Exercise (right wing rebellion)
  3. Research the Munich Putsch (right wing rebellion)
  4. Watch the You Tube clip of the Munich Putsch
The picture below shows the main parties in the Weimar Republic - they are listed with the right wing ones first, the centre ones, then the left wing ones


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