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What did Vesalius, Harvey and Pare contribute to the
history of medicine?

Vesalius Cloze
Detailed PPT
Harvey and Pare Diagram
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WALT: What did Vesalius, Harvey and Pare contribute to the history of medicine?
Can describe and explain what each man discovered and how they discovered it in detail (C)

Can assess which Factors were important in each discovery (B)
Can evaluate the importance/significance of each discovery to the history of medicine (A)
Session Development
1.  STARTER: Rally Robin what you know about Vesalius, Harvey and Pare then Stand and Share

2. Watch the film on Vesalius and take detailed notes on his contribution, his methods and the importance of his dicoveries
3. Promenade your face partner and discuss your notes
4. Take you shoulder partner to a computer and complete the Cloze exercise on Vesalius and print.

5. Stand Up Hand Up Pair Up and Pair Share
a) What did Vesalius contribute to the history of medicine and how did he make his discoveries?
b) Which factors were important in allowing Vesalius to make his discoveries?
c) What was the significance of Vesalius' contribution?
6.Take your Shoulder partner to a computer and read, take notes and complete the tasks on the Detailed PPT

7. Quiz Quiz Trade
8. Return to your computers and create and print a summary diagram on Harvey and Pare
9. PLENARY: Paraphrase Passport - form 2 circles and paraphrase passport today's WALT

Click here for larger version

Lesson 2 Development
1. Starter: Vision On - draw a picture to show what you can remember about the Renaiisance and reniassance medicine - share and interpret x3
2. Pair Share
a) Why did medicine progress in the Renaissance?
b) Why is Vesalius important in the history of medicine?
c) What was William Harvey and Ambrose Pare famous for in Renaissance medicine
3. Watch the William Harvey Clip - what did he discover and why was he important?
Share your notes with your study buddy and use your textbook to fill in any gaps
4. Investigate the Detailed PPT and take notes
5. Promenade - who was more important Vesalius or Harvey?
6. Stand and Share
7. Watch the Pare clip
8. Complete the Hafrvey and Pare diagram
9. Plenary - on a post it write your answer to today's WALT and post on the whiteboard

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