Twentieth Century Surgery

WALT: What breakthroughs were made in surgery in the 20th century and which factors were important in making them happen?
WILFs: Can describe and explain breakthroughs in 20th century surgery (C) ..... Can explain which factors were most important in making breakthroughs happen (A)

Revision PPT

Lesson Development
1. Starter - connect the learning ....Rally Robin how Pain, Blood loss, and Infection were overcome in surgery then Stand and Share
2. With your shoulder partner read the animated book below and pick out examples using the table below


Pioneering Individuals







3. Quiz Quiz Trade
4. With your shoulder partner create a PPT called 'Twentieth Century Surgical Breakthroughs' include slides on as many examples on your lists as you can and try to make the link between each breakthrough and the FACTORs which enabled them. Use the links and your books for research.

Click here for larger version

Online Textbook

Scroll down PDF to find 20th century section


Barnard and heart transplants

Ask Will

Scroll down the page for the section on the 20th century

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