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What Improvements were there to Public Health after 1948?
Public Health 20th Century
Diamond 9
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WALT: What improvements to Public health were there after 1948?
WILFs: Can describe and explain a range of improvements (C) Can explain the factors that were important encouraging change (B) Can evaluate the significance of a variety of changes in a Diamond 9 (A)

Starter: Connect the learning
Pair Share
1. Describe and explain 5 individual contributions to improving public health from all the history you have studied
2. Give examples of when Government has helped and hindered public health
3. What was more important to improvong public health governments or individuals? Explain
Watch the film clip and make a list of improvements to public health since 1948
Share your notes on your table
With your Study Buddy - log on and make a Diamond 9 Diagram of changes since 1948
Now revise using the interactive exam papers OR Revision games and quizzes


Plenary: Paraphrase passport examples of progress and regress in public health through time

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