Roman Public Health

WALT - How and why was Roman public health so good?

WILFs - Can describe can explain the main features of Roman public health (C).... Can explain WHY Roman public health was so good using factors (B- A)

Lesson Development

Starter - Connect the learning with  this Find Someone Who

1. Watch the clip and take notes on today's WALT Q

2. Promenade your Face Partner and discuss what you've learnt

3. Stand and Share

4. With a different partner each time - MIX PAIR SHARE

i) What were the Roman Factors of Change and how did they cause progress?
ii) What was so good about Roman public health?
iii) Who contributed most to improved public health - the Greeks or the Romans? Explain your answer

5. With your new Study Buddy investigate the first 8 slides of this PowerPoint and add to your notes on today's WALT

5. Mini Plenary: Vision On - Draw a picture to show how good Roman public health was - no words, no dates - then get 3 different people to try and interpret your picture

6. Back with your Study BuddyPair up and complete the PPT task below

Design a PowerPoint presentation which answers the question,
what was so good about Roman public health and why was Roman public health so good?
You will need to list all the features of Roman public health e.g. town planning, sewers, baths, aqueducts, lifestyle etc. and explain which factors (e.g. government, technology, economy etc.) were important.
Use the textbooks and the link buttons below for research. The best presentation will be published on the web page.
Time allowed 2 lessons

Public Health Overview


BBC on romans


Roman Baths Virtual Tour
History on the Net


 Roman Baths
Roman Aqueducts


 Roman Sewers
Test your Knowledge here



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