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Lesson 1 Prehistoric Medicine
Detailed PPT
What was medicine like?
Why was medicine like that?
Quiz on Prehistoric medicine
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Lesson 1: WALT: What was Prehistoric Medicine like and why was it like it??
WILF: Can describe (C) and explain (B) the main features of prehistoric life and medicine

Lesson Development
Starter - Watch the clip and take brief notes on prehistoric medicine
Stand and Share
1. Mix and pair up - Study the presentation below and Rally Robin - what were the main features of prehistoric life and medicine?

2. Stand and Share
3. In a new pair now study the detailed ppt and add to your lists

4. Pair Up again and Rally Coach this exercise
4. Solo work - complete the Interactive diagram and print
5. Plenary - Paraphrase Passport todays WALT

Lesson 2
WALT: Why was prehistory a time of continuity?
WILFs: Can describe explain the main features of prehistorical society (C)... can list and explain possible reasons for continuity (C)... Can analyse and evaluate causes of continuity and come to a supported conclusion (A*)
Lesson Development
1. Starter Find Someone Who
2. Mix Up and Rally Coach the exercise - drop notes into Word and save in a new folder for GCSE History
3. Mix Up again and with a new partner Rally Robin 'Why was prehistoric medicine basic and why didn't it change?'
4. Stand and Share
5. Rally coach the interactive diagram
5. Extension - review the detailed PPT, take notes and complete the questions on the last slide in your books
6. Plenary - Mix Pair Share

Lesson 3 Development

WALT: What was Prehistoric Medicine like and why was it like it?
WILF: Can describe (C) and explain (B) the main features of prehistoric life and medicine

1. Pair up - promenade your face partner and discuss what you can remember about prehistory and prehistoric medicine
2. Sit down and with your shoulder partner Rally robin a list with 2 columns and 2 rows as below, Use the new textbooks to help you.

Features of Prehistoric Medicine

Reasons why Prehistoric medicine was relatively poor



3. Stand and Share
4. Now try the new Find Someone Who (both sides)
5. In your table groups plan and create a spider diagram which explains WHY prehistoric man knew so little about medicine. Use the large sugar paper and pens. Use the words: TECHNOLOGY, EDUCATION, RELIGION, COMMUNICATIONS, ECONOMY, GOVERNMENT  as the heading for each leg of the diagram. Use the new textbooks to help you.

6. When instructed one can stray to share and steal an idea from another group
PLENARY: Each write one quiz quiz trade question and answer card based on what you have learnt about prehistoric medicine, then play the game

Summary from the BBC
Prehistoric societies

Prehistoric people were hunter-gatherers. They lived in small groups and constantly moved around the country seeking out the best conditions for shelter and food supplies. In order to explain the many things in the world they could not otherwise understand, they believed in spirits.
Prehistoric medicine

Medicine was extremely basic and what treatments there were reflected their close relationship to nature and their superstition about spirits. Though prehistoric people had very little idea of how the body worked treatments included:

* simple cures using medicinal herbs.
* setting broken limbs.
* blaming evil spirits for disease.
* employing 'medicine men' whom they believed wielded power over spirits.
* practising trepanning to release evil spirits.

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