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WALT: Why was public health so bad during the Industrial Revolution 1750-1850?
WILFs: Can define and deploy key terms (D)..... Can identify causes why public health regressed (C)... can describe and explain why public health regressed (B). Can assess the reasons why public health regressed using FACTORS (A)

Lesson Development
1. Starter: On your tables define as many of the key words as you can - use you dictionaries if necessary

2. Quiz Quiz Trade key words
3. Watch the clip and list reasons why public health was so bad
4. Now with your shoulder partners use handout one to add to your lists
5. Stand Up Hand Up and Pair Up then promenade the 4 main reasons why public health regressed with reasons in support
6. Stand and Share using the random name generator
7. Now take your face partner to a computer and investigate the PPT and take further notes
8. Rally Coach the Cloze activities and print twice for your books
9. Plenary - form 2 circles and paraphrase passport today's WALT

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