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WALT: How important was Hitler's reorganisation of the Nazi Party in explaining his rise to power?
WILFs: Can list and describe 9 reasons why Hitler came to power (C)..... Can explain how and why Hitler reorganised the Nazi Party 1924-29 (C).... Can assess the significance of the reorganisation of the Nazi party in Hitler's rise to power (A)

Lesson Development

1. Starter ... Jot thoughts .. Cover the table with post it's explaining why Hitler came to power
2. Promenade your shoulder partner ... Which 3 reasons are most important?
3. Stand and Share
4. Study the PPT and your books pages 28-29 and 30-31 in Stephen Lee ... How did Hitler change the Nazi party after the munich putsch? Use the textbooks to help you write two paragraphs explaining how Hitler changed the party and why it was important. Use the writing frame to help you if you need it.
5. Decide on your table a consensus answer to today's Walt question... Choose 'very' 'quite' or 'not very' and give reasons for your choice
6. Table stand and share
7. Homework ... Read the PPTs and complete the Cloze exercise. Print and put in books 

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