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The Nazi Economic Miracle
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WALT: To what extent did the Nazis perform an economic miracle?
WILFs: Can identify Hitler's economic priorities on coming to power (E)...... Can describe and explain the 2 periods of economic management under the Nazis: Schacht 1933-5 and Goring 1936-40 (C)..... Can evaluate the success or otherwise of Nazi economic policies (A)

Lesson Development
1. Starter ... Watch the clip and list the ways the Nazis successfully reduced unemployment... Share your ideas and notes on your table and use your books and revision guides to expand
2. Study the PPT and take notesPromenade your face partner .. How successful was nazi economic policy.... Answer explicitly either 'quite.... Very... Or not successful' then Stand and share
3. In a new pair Rally Coach your own Interactive Diagram using my hints as guides only
4. Pair Up and create a factfile on the economic management of 1) Hjalmar Schacht and 2) Hermann Goring - copy and share your factfiles. Use the books and the links to help you research.
5. Rally Coach the How Succesful cloze exercise and print
6. Solo work: Complete the worksheet7. Plenary ... Paraphrase passport today's WALT 

Lesson 2 Development

Click here for larger version

Strength Through Joy

A Level Background Reading
AQA pages 57-63

  1. List the aims if Nazi Economic Policy
  2. Who was Hjalmar Schacht and why was he important in Nazi Economic policy?
  3. What were the main features of the New Plan 1934 and was it a success?
  4. Who was Goring and why was he important in Nazi Economic Policy?
  5. List the aims and achievements of Goring's 4 year plan
  6. Read pages 59-63 then complete the Revision Exercise on page 59 (in the brown Activity box)

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