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The Nazis and the Church
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WALT: How successful were the Nazis in their attempt to control the Christian Churches?
WILFs: Can describe and explain the ideological tensions between nazism and Christianity (D-C)..... Can describe and explain the Nazis attempts to control both the RC Church and the Protestant churches in Germany (C).. and can explain WHY the Nazis wanted to control the churches (B).... Can evaluate the success/failure of nazi policy towards Christianity (A)

Lesson 1 Development
Starter: Connect the learning -- Rally Robin then Paraphrase Passport the question "What was it like to live in Nazi Germany?"

Now watch the clip and take notes on the WALT - promenade then Stand and Share
1. In a new pair read the embedded presentation on this page and Write Rally Robin - how and why did the Nazis attempt to control religion? Share all your notes so far on your table
2. Rally Coach the Worksheet then Quiz Quiz Trade

3. Go through the main PPT with your teacher - then in your revision twin discuss and complete the activities on the final slide
4. Individual Work - Mind Map the questions below using your AQA texts
5. Pass the Parcel with the Mind Maps * 3 - add- annotate- develop then intitial and return to its owner
6. Plenary - Interactive Crossword


The Churches and the Nazis  A level structured Reading AQA pages 83-91 and Collier and Pedley pages 122-126

1.       Why was the coordination of the Churches and Christianity challenging for the Nazi party?

2.       What was the main protestant church in Germany at the time and why did the Nazis choose it to become the national Church?

3.       Who were the 'German Christians' and what did they do?

4.       Describe what was done to the Evangelical church to Nazify (coordinate) it as the new Reich Church?

5.       Who set up the Pastor's Emergency league in 1933 and what did it lead to

6.       Describe some ways in which the Nazis attempted to suppress the Confessional church

7.       Why was the Roman Catholic Church less susceptible to Nazi influence?

8.       On what points did Catholicism and Nazism agree in the early 1930's?

9.       Describe the terms of the Concordat

10.   Describe ways in which the Nazis later broke the terms of the Concordat

11.   What was the Papal Encyclical 1937? Describe in detail its consequences.

12.   What was the German Faith Movement? Give reasons why it failed



Lesson 2 Development

Starter: Find Someone Who

1. Pair up Rally Robin - How and why did the the Nazis attempt to control the Christian Churches

2. Stand and Share

3. Pair up then Rally coach the Worksheet using the sheet and your background knowledge to inform your answers

4. Paraphrase Passport the part A and then  the part B question below

5. With your revision twin create  plans for these questions which you will do in timed conditions tomorrow.


Exam Style Question:

(a) Explain why the Nazi government made a Concordat with the Catholic Church in
July 1933. (12 marks)
(b) 'The German Churches willingly supported the Nazi regime in the years 1933 to 1941.'
Explain why you agree or disagree with this view. (24 marks)


(Above) Der Stürmer: The Devil Feeds Anti-NS Slogans to a Catholic Priest (May

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