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WALT: How were infectious diseases overcome from 1796-1945?
WILFs: Can remember, date and describe eight important individuals in the fight against infectious diseases 1796-1945(C)... can compare and contrast the contributions of each man and explain the FACTORS at play for each one (B) ... .. can assess and evaluate who most the greatest contribution to the fight against infectious diseases 1796-1945 (A*)

Lesson development 

  1. Starter ... Promenade your face partner. Name and describe the 8 individuals and their contributions from 1796-1945
  2. Stand and Share X 10
  3. Simultaneous Round Table the following questions on your tables. 2 minutes per question then rotate:

a) What did Jenner discover and how did he do it?

b) What factors were important in Pasteur's discovery of germ theory 1861?

c) Describe in detail how Robert Koch developed the work of Louis Pasteur

d) What contributions did Ehrlich and Domagk make and how important were they?

e) Who should get the credit for penicillin 'the wonder drug'? Explain

f) What factors were important in the mass production of penicillin?

4. Mix Pair share - Of the 8 who saved most lives? Explain why you have made your choice

5. All Write Consensus the exam style question then mark your study buddies and feedback wuth a level a grade a www and an ebi


6. With your Study Buddy Complete the interactive diagram in as much detail as possible
7. Plenary - form 3 circles of 10 and paraphrase passport today's WALT

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