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WALT: What were Medieval Factors and  Medieval medicine like?
WILFs: Can describe and explain Factors of change in Medieval Europe (C)
Can describe and explain approaches to health and disease in Medieval Europe (C)
Can assess whether and why Medieval Europe witnessed progress, regress or continuity in medicine and use Factors to explain why (A)

Lesson Development
1. Complete the starter sheet in your 4's

1. Watch the file clip and make a list of Medieval Factors and Medieval approaches to medicine
2. Promenade your shoulder partner and discuss today's WALT then Stand and Share

3. Now use the textbooks to add to your notes
4. Mini Plenary:Stand Up Hand Up Pair Up and Mix Pair Share
i) What was medicine like in Medieval Europe?
ii) Why was there regress in medical knowledge and understanding in Medieval Europe?
4. Stand Up Hand Up Pair Up take your partner to a computer and Rally Coach the Lesson Activities
5. Plenary - Stand Up Hand Up Pair Up - Promenade your partner - answering what BEST explains why Medieval times in Europe was a period of regress?

Lesson 2 Development
1. Stand up hand up pair up and Rally Robin everything you can remmeber about medieval factors and medieval medicine - make a list
2. Take your partner to a computer and complete the Online Starter exercise and compare your answer to the Online expert - www and ebi?
3. Collect a question card from your teacher and play Quiz Quiz Trade
4. Stand up hand up pair up and Rally Coach the Diagram

Lesson 3 Development
1. Starter - Find Someone Who Islamic and Medieval Medicine compared
2. Stand Up Hand Up Pair Up and explain why and how medicine regressed in medieval europe - write a list
3. Stand and Share
4. Stand Up Hand Up Pair Up and investigate the PPT in pairs - take notes and amswer the questions as they appear on the PPT
5. Plenary - form 3 groups of 8 and Paraphrase Passport the WALT question

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