Who was the most significant?

WALT: Who was the most SIGNIFICANT individual in the history of medicine?
WILFs: Can identify and describe key people from all themes in the history of medicine and describe their contributions (C)..... Can compare and contrast figures in the history of medicine from different times and different themes explaining how important they were (B)... Can assess the SIGNIFICANCE of famous individuals using the 4Rs (A*)

Lesson 1 Development
 Starter: Promenade someone from a different table - Name 5 people from the history of medicine and describe what they contributed then Stand and Share (10 mins)
1. Using the post its in your 4's 'cover the table' with examples of famous people from the history of medicine and briefly explain what they contributed and when (5 mins)
2. Swap tables and add what you can to the post its - then RANK them in order of importance in a diamond or pyramid on the desk (5 mins)
3.  Find Someone Who (20 mins)
4. Return to your original desk and Round Table the 4 R's sheets for the individual placed top on your post its (10 mins)
5. Plenary 1: Promenade a new partner, discuss today's WALT then Stand and Share
6. Plenary 2 : Quiz Quiz Trade
Lesson 2 Development
1. Review the 4 R's
2. Pair Up and Promenade your partner - who was the most significant?
3. Stand and Share
4. Take your shoulder partner to a computure and complete a Diamond 9 for the 9 most significant individuals
7. Play Historical hangman (scroll down) and themn comeplete the worksheet and quizzes

Play historical hangman, record your answers, find out more then, complete a revision file

Revise famous figures in the history of medicine here!
As you play hangman write down each individual in your note books
Use the Ask Jeeves search engine to find out more
then complete the Word table  as it is laid out for each indvidual. Then try Mr Walker's test
Finally test what you have learnt in Mr Drew's test.

Mr Walker's Quiz


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