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How did the Golden Age of Islam help the development of medicine?
Activity 1: Matching
Activity 2: Fill in the Blanks
Activity 3: Interactive Diagram
Activity 4: Worksheet
Extension Exercise: Revision MindMap
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WALT: How and why was medieval Islamic medicine better than medieval Christian medicine?
WILFs: Can describe factors in the time of Islamic Civilisations (C)
Can describe the contribution of important individuals in islamic civilisations (C)
Can compare and give examples of progress, regress and continuity (B)
Can assess whether Islamic civilisations helped or hindered medicine with support (A)

Lesson Development
1. Starter - pass the fact - what can you remember about medieval Christian medicine
2.With a new partner Rally Robin what you can learn about Islamic civilisation and their medicine from this information sheet. Make a list ready to Stand and Share

3. Watch the silent film clip and add to your lists
4. Stand and Share

5. Now Complete the Find Someone Who Knows
6. With your Study Buddy complete Activity 1, 2 and 3 on computer and print 2 and 3
7. Using all the work you've done today and page 63 of your textbooks make Quiz Quiz Trade cards on Islamic medicine
8. Plenary: Quiz Quiz trade

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