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WALT: What were Hitler's main ideas and what best explains why Adolf Hitler became Chancellor in 1933?
WILFs: Can describe the 9 main ideas of Hitler and the Nazis (C) Can identify and describe 9 valid historical reasons why Hitler became Chancellor in January 1933 (C) Can evaluate 'what best explains' why Hitler came to power in a supported judgement (A)

Clip 2

Lesson Development

1. Starter: Use the Starter Sheets on Hitler's ideas and pages 30-31 of your textbooks. Try and work out the 9 statements on the sheets which were things Hitler actually believed in and write them in the spaces

Now promenade a partner - which of Hitler's ideas were most attractive and which least attractive - explain

2. Stand and Share

3.  Turn over the sheet and turn to pages 36-37 of your textbooks. Write down the reasons for Hitler's rise to power in the correct columns.

Now Watch clip 1 - while you are watching take notes on the rise of the Nazis

Stand and Share 

4. With your shoulder partner Rally coach the Cloze exercise then reduce it to the FIVE (maximum) main points - when you have agreed them write them in your books

5. Promenade your face partner - how important was the Wall Street Crash in hitler's rise? Be prepared to answer either 'Very' 'Quite' or 'Not very' important with support

6. Stand and Share

7. Now back with your shoulder partner read the PPT and list the reasons why hitler became Chancellor in January 1933 either in bullet points or on a diagram

8. Watch clip 2 and add to your lists or diagram

9. Plenary activity - Create a table Diamond Nine of reasons why Hitler became Chancellor in January 1933

10. Lesson plenary: Vision on - draw a picture which answers today's WALT - no words or dates allowed then share and interpret x3

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