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WALT: What was the Final Solution?
WILFs: Can describe and explain who the Nazis placed outside of the Peoples' Community and how they treated (C).... Can construct a detailed timeline of the persecution against the Jews titled 'From Boycott to destruction' (B)... Can assess the importance of the Nuremburg Laws, Kristallnacht, and the Final Solution (A)

Starter: Antisemitism QQ Trade - cards from Mr Walker
1. Watch the Antisemitism clip and take further notes

2. Teacher Input - Outsiders Presentation - how were minorities other than Jews treated?
3. Watch the Final Solution Clip - take notes
4. Using the laptops study the Detailed presentation and then complete the blue button bar Interactivities 1-5 and print where needed
5. With your shoulder partner watch the holocaust documentary Rally Robin a list of reasons why the Holocaust happened

6. Stand and Share
7. Discuss the box on page 87 of your text books - who was to blame for the Final Solution?
6. Plenary - Paraphrase passport the question and did the Nazis treat outsiders? in circles of no more than 7


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