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The Black Death
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WALT: What was the Black Death and how did it affect Medieval people and medicine?
WILFs: Can describe and explain the nature of the Black Death and how it spread (C)
Can describe and explain Medieval  ideas on causes and 'cures' of the Black Death (C)
Can assess the impact of the Black Death on attitudes to medicine and disease (A)

1. Stand Up Hand Up Pair Up then Rally Robin what you know already about the Black Death
- use the textbooks to help you

2. Stand and Share
3. Watch the film and add to your lists
4. Stand and Share
5. Pair Up and study the PPT below and add to your lists
6. Quiz Quiz Trade (questions from Mr W)
7. Stand Up Hand Up Pair Up and Mix Pair Share
a) What was the Black death and How was it spread?
b) What did people in the Middle Ages think caused the Black Death and what 'cures' were tried?
c) What were the consequences of the Black Death for society and medicine?
6. With your Face Partner go to a computer and download the PPT and complete Tasks and activities therein
7. Plenary - form 3 circles and Paraphrase passport today's WALT

Extension : open the extension worksheet on your screen and with your Study Buddy Rally Coach the answers in your books

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