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WALT: How successfully did the Nazis use the Olympic Games of 1936 for propaganda purposes?
WILF: K&U of the Berlin Olympics and propaganda (D).....Understanding of the importance of the role of sport in society for the Nazis (D).... Evaluation of the propganda value of the olympics to the Nazis (B)

Starter: What does this picture tell you about the Berlin Olympics 1936?


This lesson investigates how the Nazis used the Olympics as a means of propaganda

Lesson Development

1. Watch the film and takes notes on how the Nazis used the olympics for propaganda purposes then stand and share

2. Pair up and complete the Owens Cloze activity - print

3. Solo work - Read the presentation which is linked from the picture below below.
Take detailed notes.

Now in your revision twin create a PPT/Prezi or Poster to show the following:
1.How did the Nazis use the Olympics for propaganda purposes?
2. What was the Nazi view of the role of sport in society?
3. How and by whom were Nazi racial theories proved ridiculous during the Olympics?
You may also deploy what you have learnt here in questions about solving unemployment (constuction of stadia etc.)?

The Berlin Olympics

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