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Who was more important Askelpios or Hippocrates?
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Online Lesson on Greek medicine
WALT: Who was more important Askelpios or Hippocrates
WILFs: Can describe the contribution of either Askelpios or Hippocrates (D)....Can describe and explain the contribution and importance of both (C)..... Can evaluate the relative importance of both and come to a supported conclusion (A)

Lesson Development

1. Mix up and find a partner - as you rotate share what you know already about Askelpios and Hippocrates

2. Rally Robin 'What did Askelpios and Hippocrates contribute to Greek medicine?'
3. Stand and Share
4. Mix up and find a new partner ... this time share who you think was most important and why
5. Take your new partner to a computer and open THIS POWERPOINT
6. Take notes AND rally coach the questions on the PowerPoint
Plenary - Write Pair Share
i) What did Askelpios contribute to progress in medicine
ii) What did Hippocrates contribute to progress in medicine?
iii) Rally robin - Who was MOST important?
7. Homework - complete this evaluation and stick it in your books


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