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Anti-Semitism and Other Outsiders
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WALT: How did the Nazis treat outsiders?
WILFs: Can identify who was excluded from the Nazi Peoples Community (D)..... Can explain why the Nazis excluded certain groups from the Peoples Community (C).... Can compare and contrast how excluded groups were treated by the Nazis (B-A)

Lesson 1
Starter: Pass the Fact - how did the Nazis change life in Germany and what were they trying to achieve?
1. Watch the clip on the persecution of the Jews - draw a timeline of the attacks on the jews
2. Share your timelines on your table and fill in any gaps - use page 73 and pages 86-87 of your books to help and extend
3. Promenade what are the most important events in the timeline and why?
4. Stand and Share
5. Read page 72 - Rally Robin - which ohter groups were excluded from Volksgemeinshaft and why did the Nazis exclude them

Lesson 2
This lesson is focussed on anti-semtism and the Holocaust.
1. Starter: Promenade - how did the Nazis treat outsiders? Then Stand and Share

2. Round Table - form teams of 4
a) Why were so many Germans anti semitic in the 1930's?
b) How were outsiders other than Jews defined treated in Nazi Germany?
c) How did the Nazis treat Jews in Nazi Germany?
d) What was the Final Solutiuon and who was to blame for the Holocaust which followed?

3. With your shoulder partner - complete the Background exercise - read the final text and reduce to 4 reasons why people were anti semitic in Germany. Write them into your books under the title BACKGROUND TO ANTI SEMITISM
4. Promenade a new partner - what best explains why the Holocaust happened?

5. Stand and Share6. Watch the anti semitism clip and take notes
Micro teaching - sit in tables of 4. You will then be allocated a WALT you will have to teach for 5 mins to the rest of the class. use the books, this site and the ipads. Try to plan an input and an activity
a) What was Kristalnacht and what was its significance in the history of Nazi Germany?
b) What was the Final Solution and why did Hitler order it in 1941?
c) What is anti - semitism and why were so many Germans anti semitic in the 1930's?
d) How were other minority groups treated in Nazi Germany and why were they excluded?
e) How and why did the Jews go from Boycott to destruction in Nazi Germany?


Lesson 3:
WALT: Why did the Holocaust Happen?
WILFs: Can describe and explain key facts about the Holocaust (C).... Can identify and describe key reasons why it happened (B).... Can assess who was to blame for the Holocaust in a supported judgement (A)

Starter: Pass the Fact - How were outsiders defined and treated in Nazi Germany?
1. Watch the clip and take notes on the Holocaust
2. With your shoiluder partner Rally Robin a list of reasons why the Holocaust happened under today's WALT in your books
3. Stand and Share
4. Study the handout of sources - a) what reasons are given why people were willing to participate in the murder of Jews
                                                      b) which source is most useful for understanding why the Holocaust happened - be prepeared to explain your choice
5. Discuss the box on page 87 of your text books
6. Plenary - promenade a different partner - Why did the holocaust happen and who was most to blame?
7. Stand and Share


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