Ancient Greek Medicine

WALT: What were the Factors of Change in Ancient Greece and what did the Greeks know about medicine, disease and health?
WILFs: Can describe and explain the Factors in Greek Times (D-C)...... Can explain how Factors combined to create progress in Greek times(C-B).... Can describe and explain similarities and differences between Greeks and egyptians (D-C).... Can assess how much progress the Greeks had made in medicine (A)

Lesson Development
1. Watch the film and jot down key points on the Greeks and medicine
2. Pair Up then study the PPT together - what were Factors of Change like in Ancient Greece? Were they likely to result in progress, regress or continuity?
3. Stand and Share
2. In your table groups draw an individual mind map for the Ancient Greek Factors of Change using the following headings
a) government
b) economy
c) individuals
d) technology
e) communications
f) religion
g) education
h) war
Use the Mind Map template as a guide
3. Swap your Mind Maps - add, annotate, improve, return then repeat the swap
4. Mix up then go a computer with your new partner and complete the Ancient Greek Factors Exercise. Save in Word and print one each



Ancient Greek Factors

What was government, education, economy, technology etc. like in Ancient Greece?

Ancient Greek PPT

A short introduction to Ancient Greece

Hippocrates and the 4 Humours

Learn about this turning point in the history of medicine - the first natural explanation of disease.

Asclepios and the role of religion

Was religion a positive or negative factor in Greek medicine?

Hippocrates Homework Pt 1

Word process and e-mail to

Hippocrates Homework pt 2

Word process and e-mail to

Interactive Diagram

Consolidate your learning by completing this interactive diagram

Interactive Test 1

Test your knowledge in this 17 question interactive quiz

Interactive Test 2

Are you smart enough to "Beat the Bomb"?


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