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What progress did the Romans make in the history of medicine?
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WALT: What progress did the Romans make in the history of medicine?
 WILFs: Can describe Roman Factors of Change (D)....Can explain whether factors were positive or negative (C)..... Can describe (C) and explain (B-A) the progress made by the Romans in public health and medicine

Lesson Development
Starter: Connect the learning with a Roaming Review - In groups of 3 roam the room and read all the questions pinned and different location. Choose a place to start then decide what to write on each sheet. Take it in turns to be the scribe... you will get 2 minutes at each location .... no Hogs and no Logs!!

Roaming Review Questions

1. Explain how prehistoric people dealt with disease, injury and illness

2. Explain why prehistoric people knew so little about medicine and disease

3. What improvement did the Egyptians make in medicine?

4. Why was Egyptian medicine better than prehistoric? (FACTORS)

5. Many people think Ancient Greeks were a turning point in the history of medicine. Do you agree? Explain why

6. What were FACTORS like for Ancient Greece?

7. Who contributed most progress to the history of medicine Egyptians or Greeks? Explain your choice

8. Who was the most important to Greek medicine Asklepious or Hipporcrates? explain your choice

9. Explain how the theory of the four humours worked and why it was so important in the history of medicine

10. Sometimes religion has caused progress and sometime regress..... give examples of both from the history you have studied so far

1. Watch the video clips - what do they tell tell you about today's WALT?

2. You will now get 5 minutes to use the textbook and add to your lists
2. Mix up and find a new partner - as you rotate share what you think is the most interesting thing you've learnt in history this year. Promenade your new partner and discuss whether you think Romans had made progress in medicine
3. You will now examine WHY Roman medicine improved....Take your partner to a computer and click on and rally coach the
Factors exercise
4. Stand and Share
5. Find a new partner - as you rotate share what you think has been the most important contribution to the history of medicine so far.
6. Take your new partner to a computer and
download the PPT. Take notes and complete the questions within the PPT
7. Mix and Write Pair Share
i) What were the Roman Factors of Change and how did they cause progress?
ii) What was so good about Roman public health?
iii) Who contributed most to medicine Greeks or Romans? Explain
Plenary - form 2 circles and paraphrase passport todays WALT -  

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