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Mein Kampf
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WALT: What were the Hitler's main ideas and how were they connected?
WILF: can describe and explain key ideas (C)........ can explain the  links between key ideas (B)....... can assess why hitler's ideas were popular (A)

Lesson 1 Development
1. Rally Coach the Starter sheets with your sholuder partner then then Stand and Share

2. Watch the clip with your shoulder partner on the ipads and take notes on the 5 key beliefs of Hitler
3. Promenade your face partner - What were the key ideas of Hitler? Change partners: Which of Hitler's ideas do you think was most important to him and why?
4. Stand and Share
2. Mind map TASK 1. Use your books and the links here to help you develop your work. use also pages 27-29 of the Stephen Lee books
3. Pass the parcel with the Mind Maps then annotate, add, develop X3
4. Rally Coach Task 2 in a new pair using Word

5. Plenary - Quiz Quiz Trade or individual work ..... Complete the Interactive Diagram

Key Ideas of Hitler's 'Ideology'

Task One - Describe and define each of the following aspects of Hitler's ideology in detail
Aggressive Nationalism
Anti Semitism
Anti Communism

Anti Democracy and the Furherprincip
National Socialism

People's Community (volksgemeinschaft)

Social Darwinism

Struggle, Violence, War
Aryan Superiority/Racism/Untermenschen

Task 2: Insert a table in a Word document with 2 columns. One column should have a title Positive stereotypes and the other Negative stereotypes. Explain the nature of the stereotype why each group was singled out. 

Task 3
1. Read the presentation and take notes on the events of Hitler's life and his politcal ideas. You will need to produce a short biography of Hitler in Word
2. As you go through the presentation you will also have the opportunity to revise the circumstances of Hitler's Rise to power.
3. Complete the interactive diagram on Hitler's poliitcal ideas - you are strongly advised to read the external links first before attempting the diagram

Task 4: Plan answers for these questions

Key A Level Questions: 1. To call Hitler's ideas an 'ideology' is to flatter them. Discuss this view.

2. To what extent could Hitler's ideology be said to be totalitarian?


A Level Group Activity Ideas:
1.  Devise and/or act/film a programme called "This is Your Life"  Adolf Hitler incorporating the main events of Hitler's life covered in this lesson
2.  Devise and/or act/film a party political broadcast for the Nazi Party in 1932 incorporating all the ideas of Nazism covered in this lesson

3. Create a Fakebook account for Adolf Hitler 1889-136 drawing out key events, personalities, ideas and events
A Level Reading
AQA History Life in Nazi Germany pages 10-22
Germany and the Third Reich G Layton (2nd edition only) pages 12-15
Weimar and the Rise of Nazi Germany G Layton pages 109-112
Hitler and Nazism Dick Geary pages 1-13
Hitler and Germany William Sampson pages 27-38

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